Apeaksoft Data Recovery 1.2

Recover lost videos, photos, documents from computer/memory cards
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When working with computers, few experiences are more stressful than finding out that our data has disappeared. The thought of losing some sensitive file or a month’s work in a wink is distressing enough, and the last thing we need at that point is to put all our faith on a recovery tool that feeds us with false hopes or, even worse, that proves to be incapable of recovering anything. Data Recovery is exactly the opposite of that kind of tools. On the contrary, it provides you with simple-to-use, stress-free mechanisms that will not only show you which data can be effectively recovered, but will also bring them back to life for you as quickly as you lost them.

Designed to be self-explanatory, Apeaksoft’s Data Recovery opens a clear main menu at launch, where you can select straight away the type(s) of files you’re looking for and the drive they were stored in when you lost them. The next choice is just as simple – a quick or a deep scan. Note that the latter will take time – for a 8 GB USB drive connected to a laptop it took the program more than 90 minutes to check all files. In return, you’ll get much more accurate results and a higher success rate. The quick scan is great for recently deleted files – the process is lightning-fast and the rate of successful recoveries it offers is also pretty high.

To help you see at a glance which files can be retrieved and which are lost beyond recovery, the program uses a simple color code. A filename in black means that chances are that the file is more or less intact, while a red-orange filename means that the original file has been badly overwritten since it was deleted. Another way of checking the integrity of the candidate files is by looking at their size in the detailed view – a 0 KB value usually means that no part of the file can be recovered. A value that resembles the original file size is always a good sign, so even if the filename bears a reddish color, just asking the program to try – you might well be happily surprised.

No recovery tool is capable of recovering everything after a given amount of time or a certain amount of overwriting processes. And Data Recovery is no exception to that rule. At least, it won’t give you false hopes only to lure you to pay the license fee, a hateful practice that seems to be flourishing again. The price tag is a bit on the high side, and that is why it is so important that the free version you can download from Apeaksoft’s site to check the integrity of your lost data tells you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Data Recovery does that, or at least it did with the bunch of deleted files I tried it on.

Therefore, if you happened to delete the wrong file (even if you used Shift+Delete to do so) or emptied the recycle bin without checking first, if you lost a drive partition or your entire hard drive got damaged for whatever reason, or if your computer just crashed, you can trust Data Recovery not only to tell you accurately how much data it can retrieve but also to recover it for you effectively in a quick and simple manner.

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  • Intuitive and stress-free functionality
  • Offers color-coded levels of file recoverability
  • Has file preview capabilities
  • Categorizes files by type
  • Supports all storage devices and file structures


  • A bit pricey


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